In the latest edition of Black Don’t Crack: “Guys Want To Date Me Until They Find Out I’m Almost 60" by Eleanore Wells


    "Fifty-five must be a really scary number to men because I — seemingly overnight — went from a dating feast to a dating famine. 
    Part of the problem is the way I look. I look a lot younger than my chronological age and this throws men off. Dating is the only space I can think of that looking younger than your actual age can work against you.
    To most, a 58-year-old woman is just old. Except I’m not. I’m awesome. In so many ways, I’m the best I’ve ever been. I’m more secure (financially and emotionally), can’t surprise anyone with an accidental pregnancy, have built a pretty nice life for myself, and won’t be issuing any “marry me or else” ultimatums. We can talk about it, but marriage isn’t a must-do for me.  
    While these men are still chasing youth, they may be missing out on a pretty spectacular woman. Not just me, but so many other women-of-a-certain-age whom I know to be pretty dynamic.”
    Those guys are trippin!
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