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Last week, model and dancer Rosa Acosta (who has been focused on selling fitness videos and apparel since announcing her retirement from the urban modeling game), took a 10-day trip to Tanzania to volunteer at the Living Water Children’s Center.  While there, she has been assisting in feeding the kids and teaching them how to dance, while bringing them gifts and showering them with love. She also has posted photos from her trip and facts about the conditions the kids live under while promoting the center’s website so that her followers can contribute to the cause.

You’d think that this was a good thing, but apparently there are a few people out there that had an issue with the fact that she’s helping kids in East Africa and not in the Dominican Republic where she is from. A few days ago, she jumped on Instagram to explain why the Tanzania trip was so important:

A few of my fellow Dominicans (who I’m pretty sure have NEVER volunteered once in their life) have not just ask but kind of “demand” as to why I’m volunteering in Tanzania and not DR. “DR is very poor too” Mmmm NO SH-T Sherlock! I lived there 22 years and most of my family still there so you are not telling me anything new. DR might be poor but our culture is much more advance in terms of equal rights for Male/Female.

In DR, girls are not being circumcised, given marriage in exchange of a few cows and chickens to a man much more older than them before they are even born or rape on daily basis by their own father. Girls in DR are able to go to school just like the boys unlike here in Tanzania. So just know that I am here working towards a cause bigger than a few dollars. I am here volunteering my TIME, teaching BALLET and assisting at the school and hospital, and most of all giving the kids LOVE (not money).

Now let me tell you about a few things I have done in DR: I volunteer for 5 years at Hogares Luby In Santiago. I had a Ballet school in La Vega with a full scholarship program for talented girls that couldn’t afford the classes. But my biggest charity in DR is MY FAMILY. I sent every year what for some of you looks like a year worth of salary. My mother is retired and well taken care of by me and my brother. So now mis amigos let’s take all that energy you put into what I am or should do and use it towards what YOU are doing or SHOULD do. Let’s do it together and sing Guan tu guan tu tri fol fai Animo Animo Animo!!! Now go do something nice doesn’t matter where. Oh and let’s not forget that we Dominicans are Africans too.

Donate here or to the group I feed the homeless every Wednesday.

Rosa herself came from very humble beginnings, and although she now can afford pricier things, she continues to give back.

Back in 2010, rapper Maino slammed her in an interview for wearing cheap shoes, and she responded:

I am still the same girl that came from the Dominican Republic. My family has never been rich. I’m still not rich. Why would I go and buy a $2000 pair of shoes that I can’t afford when I can actually help my family that’s still living in DR, or I can save my money or I could spend money on my education. What is wrong with buying something that’s inexpensive?”



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