5 Independent Films To Watch
5 Independent Films To Watch

Article by Georgette Walker

I really enjoy watching independent films. Mainstream films tend to either romanticize too much or forego any originality. Here are five independent films to watch.

1. Broken English - Parker Posey stars as Nora Wilder, a single New York woman who is longing to meet Mr. Right. After experiencing two failed dates, Nora wonders if she will ever find love. While attending a friend’s party, she meets a charming Frenchman named Julien (Melvil Poupaud). With Julien’s carefree attitude, Nora begins to open herself up to new possibilities. 

2. Just Another Girl on the I.R.T. - Just Another Girl on the I.R.T. is a story about a sassy, outspoken, no-nonsense teen named Chantel. Although she excels in school, her foul-mouth is an issue with those of authority. Chantel is anxious to graduate high school early and attend college, but she learns that she is pregnant. 

3. 2 Days in Paris - Marion and Jack spend two days in Paris after vacationing in Italy. During their Paris trip, the couple starts to question whether or not their relationship can be salvaged. I cannot wait to see the follow-up to this film with Chris Rock called 2 Days in New York.

4. I Like It Like ThatAs a youngster, I would sneak downstairs at night to watch all the good stuff on HBO and Showtime. I knew my parents would not approve me watching any films on either channel late at night. Well, one of those films happened to be I Like It Like That. Lisette lives with her husband Chino and her three kids. After Chino goes to jail, Lisette is forced to take care of the household. 

5. Muriel’s WeddingTo escape her reality of being teased and ridiculed, Muriel listens to ABBA and dreams of her wedding. She decides to skip town with her friend Rhonda to start a new life. Everything seems to be a fairytale come true, but soon Muriel has to face some harsh realities.

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